Tekken 4 Time Attack FAQ
                                Version 0.50
                     Last Updated on October 8th, 2002
                    Written by Konqrr (konqrr@tekken.cc)

You can always find the newest version of this FAQ on my webpage:
 - Tekken Time Attack Cenral [http://aros.net/~ttac]
     (although it is not online until next month)

It is also available at the following websites:
 - Tekken Zaibatsu [www.tekkenzaibatsu.com]
 - GameFAQs [www.gamefaqs.com]
 - Neoseeker [www.neoseeker.com]

This FAQ is best viewed with a monospace font like Courier.  1234567890
Make sure the numbers line up with the dots below.           ..........

Version info:
     0.10 - Initial Release
     0.30 - Major update, many things rewritten
     0.40 - Yoshimitsu updated, minor fixes
     0.50 - Lei and Kazuya updated

|                         READ THIS, IMPORTANT!                          |

     I am relativly new to Tekken 4 as I didn't have the time or money to
play it in the arcade.  But I have several hundred hours of experience in
all other Tekken games, including Tekken 3 Time Attack Mode (PS1) in which
I hold several World Records, but we won't get into that in this FAQ.

     Anyways, I got the game on the 25th and spent four days straight with
it, getting used to the new features like walls, side walking, etc.  In
this short time I have come up with some pretty good strategies for some
characters and some not so good ones with others.  I haven't had much luck
with getting strats from anyone online, as most people imported and have
had the game for several months now.  Frankly, nobody cares.  But you do,
that's why you are reading this FAQ...right?!

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