Violet (Violeta)
Written by IC September 30, 2001
Tekken 4 is a copyright of Namco 
1995-1999, 2001. 
Version 1.0
URL: http//www.isaiahcornejo.com

 Out of nowhere comes Violet all pack with a purple suit. Many will
be shocked that he is actually Lee Chaolan in disguise (check more info 
on bio). Many will say "a Law ripoff","useless",etc. This is where they 
are wrong. Violet is one of the most umpredictable characters in the T4
series(along with Jin), hopefully people will change their minds. This FAQ 
is made in a simplefied format so everyone new to Violet can get accustomed 
with Violet/Lee easily, so you won't see a "legend" info just the Violet 
only stuff. If you have stuff I should add or correct or questions then 
email me at ic35@hotmail.com. In conclusion please don't sell this FAQ 
or copy to another FAQ because this took me hours to do this and I WILL 
FIND YOU. All written aspects(non-official) are copyright to Isaiah Cornejo 
aka "Riskbreaker" and it's respective owners. 

*By the way many many people say if he's gay or not? My answer:
I could care less as long as he whoops some can of whopass. People, it's 
your imagination that makes him look what you think. This character is 
pure fantasy. Nuff said.*

I. Bio

II. Violet's Techniques
    -Mist Trap (coming soon)

IV. Thank you


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