Kazuya Mishima Faq and Strategy Guide
Tekken 4
version. 1.3
by D3vil Eji -=[!?]=-
" kazuya_ttt@yahoo.com " 
" http://www.geocites.com/werpogi/index.html "

Table of Contents

1.Updates and reminders
2.About my self
3.My say about kazuya
4.Kazuya's story
5.Legends and movelist
6.Discription moves
7.Strategy for computer 
8.Stategy for human opponent
9.Credit/final words

Updates and Reminders

Before I can say anything plz this is my faqs and don't copy it and pretend that this 
FAQ is YOURS or else. If you want to do a FAQ just do it by your self because this
is my hard work. Please do your research if you want a FAQ OK ^_^  

About my self

Im Carlo Jay and Im a tekken fanatic since I was grade 6,I think I was 
13 yrs. old back then. I play Tekken 2 in a computer rental shop and 
ever since I use Kazuya even I play bad. I leave in the Philippines
and still a student I play basket ball and Tekken a little SF,KOF,
DOA and ect. I like to learn karate. thazzz all bout me.

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