Advanced Bryan Fury Strategy FAQ v.1.0
By The Black Lion
Creation Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Okay, this is my first FAQ, so don't laugh at me.

Table of Contents

1. Why Bryan?
2. Title
3. Conventions
4. Throw List
5. Basic Moves List
6. Basic Combo List
7. Essential Moves List
   A. Bruce Special Combos
   B. Chopping Elbow Juggles
   C. Snake Edge Juggles
   D. Left Upper Juggles
   E. Mach Punch and Mach Kick
   F. Throwing and Sidestepping
   G. Bryan's Crouch Dash
   H. Sway and Smash
   I. Okizeme
8. Advanced Training
9. Winning the Fight
10. Credits

1. Snake Edge - The Advanced Bryan Fury FAQ.

2. Why Bryan?

   Bryan is a very, very powerful character, more so than someone like, say, Paul, without
being as cheap. He may not have the awesome and diverse high/low mix-up of the Mishimas
or the Changs, but don�t underestimate him. One mistake, and you�ll eat 40-60 damage
points with one or two simple combos. That was the reason that I decided to write this
FAQ, to teach people different strategies when fighting as Bryan, besides the
3,2,1,4 - 3,2,1,2 mix-ups the people fight with down here. Now, he�s not a pretty man, but
he�s extremely powerful when it comes to both stand-up moves and juggles, which makes him
a force to be reckoned with.

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