\\\ T E K K E N  4 ///
The King of Iron Fist Tournament

Version 1.7 Arcade

Juanrd "WING ZERO" Mauro


This strategy was unpublished work to make throughout the game. All
of this concepts and design was basically mine, and also the new
information of Kazuya FAQ I made which I have taken in the internet
websites and pages as for copying the game system in the arcade.
Everything in here was my very own ideas, also a little help from a
my friend. In order to finish this Kazuya FAQ strategy guide from
-TEKKEN 4-. But truly, my friend only supports me and e-mailed my
FAQ through the infamous website known as (contribte video game
strategy)"GameFAQs". I will make this better than before, because
this is my second time to contribute.

Some of the details like movelists was to the previous of the Tekken
Tag Tournament to that site. but other new moves were taken from the
Tekken Zaibatsu without permission. And some it's sources is from
other sites that I know. Without any hesitation, I would not ever
contribute another FAQ. This was also not to make any profits or do
anything about illegal acts such as selling from someone, or make
a profited deal of any hazard bastards, according to the author
himself me. If I know someone doing this illegal things, then they
all know of what their looking for?

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