"Armored Core 2: Another Age" (PS2) Weapons Guide Version 1.2

This document Copyright 2001 "Zaku IX" 

Armored Core 2: Another Age is � 2001 From Software,  Inc.
Armored Core is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.

Foreword: Another Age, another FAQ.  Those who have read the AC2
          version of this guide have some idea of what to expect,
          but for those who haven't, this FAQ is here to explain
          all of the weapons as accurately, and in as much detail
          as possible.

          Most importantly, you'll find a new set of statistics
          used for each weapon, (when applicable), some of which
          tell you how much damage it does over a certain period
          of time, how much damage it is capable of doing given
          its ammunition supply, how quickly it drains energy, and
          more, plus a short, but descriptive commentary on each

Version History: Use this in conjunction with the Table of Contents to
                 find the newest changes quickly.

9/2/01 Version 1.0
* First release, based on the AC2 version 1.6 of this guide.
* Weapon stats changed to reflect the new part "parameters" in AA.
* New AA weapons profiled.
* Another Age-ized the whole guide.
* Some additions that were also planned for the AC2 version as well.
* Revisions to weapon descriptions, and the intro, some major, some minor.
* Stat "Travel Speed" REMOVED from all weapons for now, but it'll be back.
* New subjects "Human Plus", and "Overweight" added to Section 4i.

9/18/01 Version 1.1
* Removed the blade length stat explanation left over from the AC2
  version, as it was fixed in AA.
* Cleaned up Section 4i, so it now makes mention of the new parts.
* Fixed up some Human Plus comments left over from the previous guide.
* Serious Corrections

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