Heaven help us, it's the


by John Harris (aka Milen)
Initial version: 6/5/2001


Welcome to the (deep breath) Dreamcast Gauntlet Legends "Quick-Cheese"
Hyper Level-Up Guide! (gasp)  I'm not going to post a review of the
game, I'm not going to tell you how much it rocks, I'm not going to
complain about anything or gush endlessly about the characters.  I'm
just going to tell you how to exploit a series of game quirks to enable
you to reach those hideously time-consuming upper experience levels. 
But to explain why, okay, I will have to describe a *little*....

Much like in all the many ports of Rampart (another game that's close to
my besotted heart) every edition of Gauntlet Legends has had its rules
tweaked just enough to severely cramp the style of a player who was
depending on the behavior of any other version, and so far there's been
versions for arcade (both Legends and Dark Legacy), N64, Dreamcast and
now PS2 (Dark Legacy only).  None of these games is exactly like any of
the others.  The Dreamcast version, despite really slipshod audio - the
sound in the game is amazingly buggy, Midway should be ashamed - and the
absence of the timed health drain that is such a large part of the play
and strategy of all arcade versions of Gauntlet, besides these things,
is really very close to - surprise! - Gauntlet Dark Legacy!  What we've
been given is a stripped-down version of the *sequel* under the guise of
a port of the *original*!

This is good for many reasons: the DC version of Legends has the new
characters from Dark Legacy and the new class-specific stat caps (which
means the characters aren't as identical at high levels), and the new
Death behavior (Death drains *experience levels*, not health!), in
addition to somewhat remixed levels.  Unfortunately, it also picked up
one of the most frustrating aspect of the arcade sequel, the fact that
it takes forever-and-five-minutes to gain new experience levels once you
get to, say, level 70.  In the arcade, it can take a small fortune in

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