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WELCOME in my walkthrough for this game. Gauntlet Legends is a great action game for the
Dreamcast. It's a game for 1 to 4 players.
In this walkthrough you'll find informations about the game, secrets i have found and that no
one knows.
I want also to say that Gauntlet (the ancestor) was one of my favourite games in years
past because it was less expensive to play with it in arcade and the game was  incredibly long
and difficult (100 levels if i remember correctly).
So refind all this world in a 3D like world is a great emotion for me. I would like to say
more but it's time to learn all what i know about this one.

Version 2.1 : i added some stats and corrected some faults . Also new credits have appeared.
I also changed "strange code" name in special code, it's less weird after all.

Version 2.2 : i added again some stats. I needed the stats of the three last
main character of this game to close the contest.

Final Version : As no one sent anymore stats to me, i think it's time to offer the final
version. It's also a more readable version of the guide. Sorry if it stays unclear for some of
you. After all it's an action game, even if you are stucked you have action while you are
searching for your way.

Here is the program of the next three days you need to complete this game :

1 Review of Gauntlet Legends
2 My personnal choice of character and what you can expect from the other.
3 Boss
4 Multiplayers tips
5 Secrets
6 Walkthrough
7 Bonus characters
8 Game shark codes (Not tested)
9 Credits


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