Quake 3 - Arena


                   | Dreamcast Quake III Network Guide |
                   |     Written by Adrian O'Grady     |
                   |     v1.32 - 19th December 2000    |

1      Introduction
1.1    History
1.2   *Credits
1.3    Getting a copy of this FAQ
1.3.1  Getting an older copy
1.4    Feedback
1.5    Copyright
1.6    Disclaimer

2      Importing Quake 3
2.1    Why would I want to import Quake III?
2.2    How can I play an imported game on my Dreamcast?
2.3    Does the US mouse work on European Dreamcasts?
2.3.1  The Sega mouse is really crappy! Can I use my own?
2.4    Will I be limited to US servers if I use an import copy?

3      Getting On Line
3.1    What do you need to get on line?
3.1.1  What do I need from my ISP
3.1.2  Where can I find my username and phone number
3.1.3  What about my password?
3.1.4  Now all I need is the Primary and Secondary DNS
3.1.5  But I can't find any of that information!
3.1.6 +I still can't get on line please help me...
3.1.7  I don't care about phone charges, give me Dream Arena!
3.2    I now have everything I need, how do I get on-line?
3.3    How do I know if I've got on-line?
3.4    No servers are showing up in the list, where are they?
3.5    The European Dreamcast only has a 33.6k modem, can I still play?
3.5.1  But is it really much of an upgrade?
3.6    What free/flat rate ISPs work with the Dreamcast?
3.6.1  Can I use these with Dream Key instead of Dream Arena?
3.7    I've accidentally deleted my Dream Arena details! Can I get them back?

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