Hunter's Legacy - Erfolge

Hunter's Legacy Erfolge

In Hunter's Legacy gibt es 15 Erfolge (Achievements) mit insgesamt 1.000 Gamerscore-Punkten. Erfüllt die folgenden Aufgaben und sichert euch die entsprechenden Erfolge bzw. Gamerscore-Punkte:

  1. 30

    That Fang ain’t yours dude!
    Finished the game.

  2. 170

    Hoarder kitty
    Achieved a 100% game completion.

  3. 170

    By my own paws
    Beat the game without a single upgrade.

  4. 40

    Me and my bow
    Fired 300 arrows.

  5. 50

    Who needs the lottery?
    Collected a total of 2500 currency.

  6. 140

    Mine depleted
    Found all the ore in the game.

  7. 70

    Anywhere and everywhere
    Activated all teleporters.

  8. 30

    Master Swordsman
    Acquired all sword upgrades.

  9. 30

    The Legacy Archer
    Acquired all bow upgrades.

  10. 30

    9 lives
    Acquired all health upgrades.

  11. 30

    Fancy money
    Acquired all wallet upgrades.

  12. Geheime Erfolge

  13. 30

    Cleansing the kingdom
    Defeated 200 enemies.

  14. 60

    Gossip queen
    Talked to all inhabitants of Iripur.

  15. 60

    Nowhere to hide
    Found all hideouts of Rampelkimpers.

  16. 60

    Defenseless kobold
    Made a Kobold drop its shield.

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